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Implementation Services:

Making Solutions Work for Your Business


   Implementation services are a crucial part of getting new systems and processes up and running in a business. They help organizations put their plans into action and ensure everything works smoothly. Here, we'll explore various aspects of implementation services.


1. Program and Project Management:

   Projé provides senior level, emotionally intelligent program and project leadership utilizing predictable process and collateral to ensure stakeholder engagement, risk/issue management, change management, schedule management, and financial tracking to deliver high quality, on-time, on-budget project success for the documented scope, business value and return on investment.


2. Change Management:

   As a combined service within Project Management, Projé offers streamlined change and release management utilizing proven processes and associated collateral to ensure that the appropriate activities are included in client program or project implementations based on its size, complexity, and organizational impact, ensuring adoption rate is high, providing fully realized business value after the changes have been implemented.


3. Business Requirements Gathering and Analysis:

   This is a systematic, disciplined approach to capturing, analyzing, rethinking, and redesigning the way work is done to reduce costs and redundant business processes providing high quality, repeatable, predictable, and consistent services that clearly and completely documents the detailed functionality needed to meet the business needs. Projé also offers deep knowledge in Facets configuration and design.


4. Quality Assurance and Testing:

   Projé provides proven and consistent methodologies and processes focused upon detecting and solving technical issues in the software source code and assessing the overall product operational usability, performance, security, and compatibility. Utilizing best practices and deep experience, provides high quality, repeatable, predictable, and consistent services that integrates quality into the implementation from the initial testing strategy to production readiness, delivering the functionality and operational efficiencies envisioned by the implementation.


5. Remediation Services:

  • In-flight Program/Project Management Assessment and Remediation

    • In this unique service, Projé assesses the effectiveness of client program and project management processes that provides a snapshot view of the health of the existing programs or projects that identifies key contributors to the client's distressed implementations. In addition it provides recommendations and an action plan to get the work back on track to achieve the original objectives and benefits identified in the business case.

  • Test and Quality Function Assessment and Remediation

    • This service assesses the quality assurance and testing functions to provide a snapshot view of the maturity, completeness, and effectiveness of existing processes, with recommendations and an action plan to ensure full test coverage and traceability. This increases the quality of production deliverables, lowers technical debt, and achieves the intended, documented business value without manual operational workarounds.


6. Project Management Office (PMO) Launch:

   Implementing a PMO establishes a central unit within an organization responsible for project management. It helps define processes, select tools, and train personnel to improve project management practices and ensure better project outcomes. A high performing PMO provides many benefits to business and IT leadership, for projects and workstreams that are governed by them. Benefits of establishing a fully functional PMO will produce:


  • An effective, business driven decision-making process that prioritizes, budgets, assigns resources, and coordinates projects across the enterprise.

  • Projects that are implemented with repeatable processes that consistently deliver the business value envisioned.

  • Work products that are delivered on time and within established budgets.

  • Enterprise project portfolio coordination to avoid deployment of redundant business and technical functionality, workflows, and systems.

  • Timely, accurate information for project owners and stakeholders to assess the status of sponsored projects.

  • Timely impact analysis when addressing projects that are delayed due a variety of circumstances, such as vendor performance and resource constraints.


7. RFP Planning & Solution Selection:

    When an organization needs a new solution or service, RFP (Request for Proposal) planning and solution selection services help create a structured process for selecting the best vendor or solution. This ensures that the chosen solution meets the organization's requirements.


   Applying Proje's deep experience in operational and technical debt assessment practices to client's business needs will enable and guide the client throughout its decision-making process to ensure a timely, efficient, effective, and economically viable acquisition that is a right fit for its business operations both in the short and long-term.

8. Solution Architecture Services:


​   Projé's solution architecture service is business aligned but technically oriented blueprint to ensure a good design that fulfills the immediate needs of a project while ensuring a high-quality, maintainable and supportable implementation.

  • This service is a time-bound activity (10-14 weeks) that creates a balanced, pragmatic, and architecture driven view of all major components of a business solution (across people, process, technology, data) collectively framing what needs to be assembled, built and deployed

  • It provides early visibility into and remediating actions for critical project risks that may adversely impact project timelines, ROI, and operational integrity

  • It provides a prescriptive guidance and framework for better understanding and estimation of critical tasks, buy/build/rent decisions, and more detailed requirements, specifications and build activities that follow


In summary, implementation services are essential for turning plans and ideas into practical solutions that benefit businesses and organizations.

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