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business architecture


Business Architecture Services:

Bridging The Gap

   This Projé Service is a critical service that enables organizations to bridge the gap between Business and IT Strategies and sets the stage for a methodical and strategy driven, value focused portfolio planning and project execution process. The service is ideal for organizations who are trying to find answers to pressing enterprise questions such as:

  • Do we have the right business capabilities to be able to execute our business strategy?

  • Do we have the insight into the weakest links in our business operations?

  • How do we ensure we are making the right investments in achieving our business objectives? 

  • How do we make sure Business and IT strategies are aligned?

  • How do we ensure that an annual project portfolio planning, and prioritization process is methodically and consistently guided in alignment with business strategies and objectives

  • How do we create the cadence of monitoring and measuring progress in our capability maturity?

  • What is the distribution of our annual operational spend for maintenance and support across business operations? Does it reflect and align to our business priorities? What is our Technical Debt?

  • What is the mechanism by which we can synchronize Business and IT investments objectively and predictably to collectively support overall business objectives?

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