Projé is a technical and business consulting firm for healthcare organizations


PLAN with diligence


Projé strategic planning

  • Perform Organizational and IT Assessments

  • Brainstorm Business and Technical Solutions

  • Establish a Future Technology Vision

  • Prioritize Strategic Initiatives

Projé tactical planning

  • Collect Project Requests by Department

  • Prioritize Projects by Organizational Value

  • Determine Resource Plan


PERFORM with enthusiasm

We offer these key strategies

  • Change Control and Defect Management

  • Crisis Management and Project Recovery

  • Resource Management

  • Business Engineering and Configuration

  • Environment Management

  • Testing Strategy (Integrated, UAT, Regression)

  • System Conversion

  • Reporting, Interfaces, and Custom Code

  • Performance Testing

  • Project Score Card

  • Executive Dashboard


PRODUCE enduring results


We produce deliverables with measurable results.


We value the entire life cycle of a project. When appropriate focus is given to planning and performance, a project will continue to produce positive results into the future.

  • Knowledge Transfer

  • Repeatable Process

  • Key Methodologies

  • Key Decision Documentation

  • Streamlined Business Process

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