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This was a great project (PBM/ESI Re-Integration) and you [Projé consultant] left us in great shape. Thank you for leading this project through the various challenges. I do not believe a less experienced program manager could have handled this. You are a great program/project manager, always 10 steps ahead and anytime I asked you to help with anything project-related (or tangential that others may say “that’s not my job”), you always helped and your delivery exceeded my expectations.


I just wanted to take a minute and let you guys know how great [Projé consultant] is.  She had some big shoes to fill when she stepped in... and she has exceeded my expectations!!! And both of you know me well enough (and for long enough) to know that I don’t throw compliments around lightly.  I am pretty tough on people, especially you PM types, so please take note of this!!!

I cannot say enough about [Projé consultant] in the seven months we worked together. From the start, [he] has been collaborative, flexible and adaptable to the many evolutions and moving parts of the project. No task was too small or large for [him] to tackle. While he is a very talented analyst capable of leading a project in his own right, he never hesitated to jump in wherever he was needed, even for the most basic tasks. I had full confidence that regardless of the ask, [he] would deliver the highest quality and thoughtful work, many times coming with additional considerations or proposed solutions beyond the initial ask. He also has the most robust knowledge of industry tools of perhaps anyone I’ve worked with. If we had a problem, [he] had a tool for that. Always coming armed with ideas and options to explore.


Please join me in thanking [Projé consultant] for his ongoing support of [client] at large and ALL of us! He is truly “one of a kind”. What I appreciate the most about [him] is that he operated like one of us. By that, I mean to say that he invested heavily in making sure we were successful. I never got the impression we were part of some “check the box” action. [Projé consultant] continually jumped in on any project we fired his way and he dug in to understand the situation and from there plot out a plan for getting us thru some really challenging situations.


Again, please join me in thanking [Projé consultant] for being such a good partner/teammate!!!

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