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Operational Assessment

Holistic health assessment of pressing operational business challenge areas across organizational, business process, technology, data, and vendor boundaries to craft an actionable roadmap for practical course correction for increased operational effectiveness and efficiency.

Technology Portfolio/

Technical Debt Assessment

Holistic, actionable health assessment of an organization’s existing technology investment portfolio (business applications, tools & technologies, data) powering its business operations with laser focus attention on maximizing its existing investments and reducing operational costs via consolidation, standardization, and more efficient technology life-cycle management.

Test and Quality Function

Assessment & Remediation

Assess the quality assurance and testing functions to provide a snapshot view of the maturity, completeness, and effectiveness of existing processes, with recommendations and an action plan to ensure full test coverage and traceability, that increases the quality of production deliverables, lowers technical debt, and achieves the intended, documented business value without manual operational workarounds

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